Erste Ausgabe des neuen KEESA-Podcasts!

Die erste Ausgabe unserer neuen Podcast-Reihe ist fertig!

In dieser Folge sprechen wir mit Aktivist*Innen der sambischen NGO Green & Justice über die Glencore-Mine in Mufulira und deren Verkauf, und was dieser für die lokale Bevölkerung bedeutet.

Der Podcast ist in englischer Sprache:

Conversation with Juvience Chalwe and Christopher Nkhata from Green & Justice in Mufulira, Zambia: Glencore, elections and the pandemic

This year, we run a series of podcasts in which we speak with some of our partners in Southern Africa to make their concerns and demands directly accessible to a Swiss and international public. In this first podcast (recorded on 7 April 2021) we speak with Juvience Chalwe and Christopher Nkhata, community activists and executive members of Green & Justice. Green & Justice is a community-based-organization that operates in the Zambian Copperbelt town of Mufulira community on issues of health, environment and mine-community relations. For the last twenty years, Swiss trader and miner Glencore owned the mine. In January 2021, the Zambian state-owned company ZCCM-IC announced that it will buy back the mine. The deal was finalized shortly after we spoke with Christopher and Juvience.
In this podcast, Juvience and Christopher reflect on whether Glencore has fulfilled its responsibility to its workers, contract workers and community members in times of a global pandemic, whether Glencore did away with its responsibility towards workers and with regard to the environmental damage with the sale of the mine, and what the sale means for the residents living in cracked houses, on highly polluted land, drinking unsafe water and breathing polluted air. Finally, we ask them about the role of civil society in what will be hotly contested national elections in August 2021.

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