Neuer Podcast zu Sambia: Präsidentschaftswahlen, Corona und die Rolle internationaler Geldgeber

In dieser Folge sprechen wir mit Oliver Chilefu aus Solwezi, Nordwest Zambia. Er ist Provinz-Koordinator der EITA (Extractive Industry Transparency Alliance) und leitet den Council for NGOs für die Nordwest-Provinz. Der Podcast ist in englischer Sprache.

The Swiss ADR is back with a second podcast on Zambia. This one focuses on the younger generation, electoral violence and the largely disappointing role of the international community. We spoke with Oliver Chilefu who joined in from Solwezi. Solwezi is the capital of Northwestern Province. The province has been a stronghold of the opposition but gradually, Solwezi town becomes more contested. This is not at least due to the fact that since the early 2000s, three large copper mines have been opened or re-developed in the vicinity of Solwezi.

Oliver Chilefu is currently provincial coordinator of EITA (Extractive Industry Transparency Alliance) and the chair of the council for NGOs for Northwestern Zambia. He spoke to us about the upcoming general elections on the 12th of August, about state repression, biased media coverage and the necessity for electoral and constitutional reform. He also shares his vast experience in relation to the critical role of the international community and donors would have in shaping civil education. And finally she speaks about the impact of covid-19 on civil society work.